Municipal Policies

Three important policy tools adopted by the Bowen Island Municipal Council that will support the work of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation include:

Affordable Housing Policy #08-03: Requires that 15% of the gross floor area of a development proceeding through rezoning be produced as affordable non-market dwelling units that may be owned or rented only under the terms of housing covenants registered on title in favour of the Municipality. (Policy; Background)

Secondary Suites By-law #194-2006: Effective as of 2008, legalizes secondary suites that comply with requirements. (BIM web page]

 Official Community Plan By-law #282-2010: Updated in 2010, the Official Community Plan acknowledge the role of housing affordability in supporting a diverse community, and incorporates objectives to remain diverse and welcoming, to provide for a range of housing types and tenures, and to implement the Affordable Housing Policy. (BIM web page)

Bowen Island Vision Statement (OCP 1.3.1):
Bowen Island is known and loved as a small, friendly, caring community characterized by:
A population diverse in income, age and lifestyles.
Varied and affordable housing options.
Many people active in community life.
Well-protected natural ecosystems and green spaces.

Housing objectives supporting the vision:
Objective 148: To remain a diverse community that is a welcoming home to residents of varying incomes, lifestyles and ages.
Objective 149: To provide for a range of housing types and tenures on Bowen Island within the overall context of the spirit and intent of this OCP.
Objective 150: To generate affordable housing, implement Bowen Island Municipality Housing Policy #08-03.