Housing Strategy

The Bowen Island Affordable Housing Strategy was developed in 2007 as the basis for a plan to respond to the findings of the Bowen Islands Housing Needs Assessment.

Building on broad community participation, the strategy identified six goals and nine actions, which together formed a comprehensive approach to increase the supply of rental and ownership housing for low and moderate-income households. A number of there were completed during the five years during the operation of Council’s Affordable Housing Working Group.


  1. Adequate supply of rental housing for low‐income households.
  2. Adequate supply of  rental housing for people with special needs.
  3. Affordable rental housing for moderate­‐income households.
  4. Entry­‐level ownership housing for moderate-income families.
  5. Diverse financing and housing options, and alternative ownership  and  tenure arrangements, for families, couples, singles, empty nesters, and seniors.
  6. Suitable housing and support to enable seniors to  age in place.


  1. Form a municipally-­owned not-­for-­profit Bowen Island Housing Corporation  (BIHC) to  manage, acquire and, if necessary, build perpetually affordable rental and  ownership housing on Bowen Island.
  2. Obtain affordable housing through the rezoning process by BIM working with  developers and through the use of municipal lands.
  3. Complete legalization of secondary suites on Bowen.
  4. Proceed with the second part of the recommendation of the Secondary Suites Task Force Report to legalize accessory buildings for residential purposes.
  5. Obtain Council’s commitment to adopting a proactive, ongoing affordable housing agenda.
  6. Seek  partnerships through the new propose  municipal housing corporation with  government, business, community organizations, employers, residents and others to  create affordable rental housing.
  7. Amend the Official Community Plan to strengthen municipal support for affordable housing.
  8. Introduce innovative building forms and techniques for affordable housing.
  9. Educate the community about affordable housing needs and solutions.

See Bowen Island Affordable Housing Strategy 2007