Current Work

The current work of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation is guided by the recommendations from the Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) accepted by Council in February, 2012:

  1. Proceed with the incorporation of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation (BIHC).
  2. Direct staff to advertise for the founding directors of the BIHC based on the criteria and terms of reference for directors, and request the AHWG to review the applications and make recommendations to Council for the appointments;
  3. Include Affordable Housing in Council’s strategic plan
  4. Direct staff to work with Belterra Cohousing to complete the registration of covenants on the affordable housing units produced under Affordable Housing Policy #08-03, and on associated administrative procedures, pending completion of the incorporation of the BIHC;
  5. Direct staff to work with the founding directors of the BIHC to implement the following actions from the initial BIHC work plan, including:
  6. The completion of the incorporation process for the BIHC, including approval from the Inspector of Municipalities,
  7. The identification of a portion of the community lands in Snug Cove deemed suitable for the development of affordable housing, with direction to create a development proposal in partnership with the private sector, and
  8. The creation of a Housing Reserve Fund as the repository for funds received under Affordable Housing Policy #08-03 when the project is too small to generate the specified non-market units.
  9. Approve an annual allocation of $7,000 for operational funding for the BIHC in the BIM 5-year financial plan, and a pro-rated $3,500 amount for 2012, based on the draft work plan proposed in the report and subject to Council approval of the final work plan to be prepared by the founding directors.
  10. Direct staff to update the AHWG web page on the BIM website with current material to be provided by the AHWG.
  11. Dissolve the AHWG once the founding directors for the BIHC have been appointed by Council

From the AHWG Report to Council, February 27, 2012