Housing Programs

Bowen Island’s Affordable Housing for Ownership Program was introduced in 2008 by Council’s Affordable Housing Working Group, which served as an informal municipal housing organization until the formation of the Bowen Island Housing Corporation (BIHC). It was one of the recommended actions in the Affordable Housing Strategy. The municipal policy enabling the program is the Bowen Island Affordable Housing Policy #08-03, adopted by Bowen Island Municipal Council in 2008.

Modelled on the non-market work-force housing program in Whistler, Bowen’s program is designed for residents and employees of Bowen.

The economic downturn of 2008 and other circumstances stalled housing developments on the island.  The only development application requiring rezoning that has come forward since the adoption of the Affordable Housing Policy is the Belterra  o-housing project, which includes five non-market, price-restricted units developed under the policy.

The Affordable Housing for Ownership Program is now administered by the BIHC, and described in detail on its own website at waitlist.bowenhousing.ca.