BIHC Work Plan

The initial work plan for the Bowen Island Housing Corporation, leading up to the completed incorporation, was outlined in the 2012 report of the Affordable Housing Working Group accepted by Council in 2012.

3.6 BIHC Initial Work Plan
The first task of the founding group of BIHC directors will be to complete the creation and registration of the BIHC. In addition to finalizing the draft of the articles of incorporation for presentation to Council, the founding directors will complete the work necessary to obtain the approval of the Inspector of Municipalities for the incorporation of the BIHC.

At the same time, the founding directors will continue the affordable housing work that has been underway under the direction of the AHWG and take that work to the next stage. Their first task will be to develop a work plan with reference to the Organizational Framework and Sustainable Funding Options for the Bowen Island Housing Corporation (Appendix D). However, in setting the objectives for the first year, the work plan will give priority to the following elements:

  • Assumption from staff of responsibility for registration of covenants on the Belterra Cohousing affordable housing units and associated administration.
  • Administration of the affordable housing waitlist.
  • Management of the website and web-based communications.
  • Endorsement of the operating framework for the BIHC.
  • Creation of a Housing Reserve Fund as the repository for funds received under Affordable Housing Policy #08-03 when the project is too small to generate the specified non-market units.
  • Identification of a portion of the community lands in Snug Cove deemed suitable for the development of affordable housing, and the transfer of title of that portion to the BIHC with a mandate to create a development proposal in partnership with the private sector.

Once the BIHC has been formally created and the initial work is underway or completed, the BIHC will create its future work plans by drawing on the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Organizational Framework referred to above. These comprise the following:

  • Act as a resource to BIM Council and staff on issues pertaining to the development of an inventory of affordable housing on Bowen Island.
  • Secure a sufficient and diverse supply of non-market housing to support a local economy and community on Bowen Island.
  • Ensure BIHC financial self-sufficiency.
  • Administer covenants and controls over non-market housing to ensure perpetual affordability.
  • Research affordable housing occupancy and demand.
  • Act as the primary community resource for affordable housing on Bowen Island.

A list of recommended actions for each of these roles and responsibilities can be found in the Organizational Framework (Appendix D).

From the AHWG Report to Council, February 27, 2012